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It is the goal of Living NEW Ministries International in Jacksonville, Florida, to provide pastor training and spiritual guidance through church revivals and religious seminars to others in an attempt to change their ways of worship. Only through our ideals will others realize lives of never-ending worship. Read what others who have already realized the new path have to say about our ministries.

"Thank you so much for sharing the word. I was so blessed, and I have learned a lot... I wish we could hear your message more often. Thank you. GOD BLESS!!!"
— Jonathan C., Calbayog City, Philippines

"I just want to say Thank you very much for inspiring us and teaching us the pure Word of God and not based on human preference. It is really a life-changing conference. Actually when my friend invited me to attend the conference, I'm hesitant to attend and to bring my associates pastors with me. But Praise God I went to your conference in Santiago City and I brought my wife and our five associate pastors and we are really blessed. I pray that someday you will come back here in Santiago City."
— Pastor Marlou J., Santiago City, Philippines

"Hi Pastor Wayne, man of God! Would like to thanks for all your hard work for God's Glory and lending us your precious time. We appreciate your labor and all your sacrifice in helping CLF family. We have had a great time during our retreat. We count you as a great blessing. We love you and You are so important to us!"
— Elsa P., Christian Light Foundation Philippines, Quezon City, Philippines

"Dear Pastor Unity Kasiita, thank you for the man of God you brought last March. He is man of mysteries. We surely got very blessed and we are wondering whether you can still bring him back to Uganda, because this generation calls for more of these teachers of the Word."
— Pastor Lillian, Abundant Life Ministries, Kampala Uganda

"Hello Dr. Wayne, What a mystery we experienced during your visitation in Uganda. I and my ministries were totally changed when we had you speaking, most especially the of the message of the seed, the love of Christ how became a sin for us, when I read your book The Forgiveness Factor it sky jumped me to another level."
— Pastor Margret, Kampala Uganda

"Dear Pastor Wayne Young I was very challenged when I heard you speak and at the same time I give glory to God for preserving such a powerful and building message in you. We surely can't explain how much we were blessed during your teachings in Uganda."
— Rev. Mack M., Anglican Priest, Kampala Uganda

"Hello pastor Unity thank you for the man of God you have brought to us. I have seen many preachers of the Word but not this one at all in life. And I came to know that God has called this man to us as doctor of the word to set us free. May the good Lord bless him for me and my life." — Pastor Geoffry M., Gospel Mission Church, Kampala Uganda

"Pastor Wayne, as sat under preaching, what I had and what I saw was unbelievable in life. I think you are a black man in white skin. Thank you for that Heart." — Pastor Frank, Gospel of Life Church, Kampala Uganda

"I thank God for sending you to us. Thank you for your excellent teachings. God bless your ministry." — Pastor Lolita C., Gebonawan Christian Church, Lope' DeVega, Northern Samar, Philippines

"I just want to thank you for a life changing pastors' conference in Tacloban City. In that two days was truly a character transformation of my life as a husband, father, and as a pastor. Not only on the inspired messages but your life, passion, love was clearly felt and seen by us."
— Pastor Salvador P., Independent Church, Eastern, Samar

"Days before the summit, the prayer of Jesus in John 17 that believers will become one kept on coming into my mind and I believed that God was saying that His people will indeed become one! Attending the pastors' summit confirmed what He was saying. I thank God for using Rev. Wayne Young in ministering to my heart! May His name be praised forever!"
— Pastor Gamaliel A., Fundamental Baptist Church, Tacloban City, Leyte

"Good day! God is gracious to me in allowing me to attend Rev. Wayne Young's seminar in Tacloban City. I praise God for that seminar that really blessed me, a kind of seminar that helped a lot to see my calling and the kind of life that is worthy of my calling; a seminar that helped me widen my vision in the ministry. It guides me to walk with God holy all the days of my life; it revives my soul and strengthens my faith to the one who called me. God Bless!"
— Pastor Joel S., Assemblies of God Hinunangan, Southern Leyte
"I Praise the Lord for using Pastor Wayne Young in his seminar entitled "Character Must Match Our Calling". He really inspires me as a pastor and other pastors of International Baptist Missionary Fellowship-Philippines. I pray that the Lord will bless him more and his ministry as he encourages Pastors and Christian Workers."
— Pastor Dennis O., Multimedia Pastor & Young Couples Pastor, International Baptist Church, Mandaluyong