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Pastors, Leaders,
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Ministry Work That Impacts

Living NEW Ministries International in Jacksonville, Florida, partners with pastors, churches and ministries to assist them in living a life that looks at worship in a new way. Our new strategy of worship brings back the truly devout holy life and the presence of God in all aspects of life. Through spiritual guidance, we train ministry leaders and churches on our Living NEW philosophy, primarily through conferences, seminars, mentoring and revivals. We desire to see ministries and churches transformed through Living NEW.

Ways We Impact

Our organization challenges pastors to rethink their approach to a Godly life. They are asked to model holy lives by recognizing the tangible presence of God in their day-to-day lives. By passing this on to others, our churches will begin to see individuals looking to restore their relationships with others and embrace what the Bible calls "lesson of the loaves." Found in Mark 6:30-52, it states "Here I am; here's what I have; so what would you like to do, Lord." Ways we impact include:

Church In the Philippines
  • Ministry Consulting To Incorporate Strategies Of Living NEW
  • Opportunities for Short Term Mission trips to expand your Biblical Worldview
  • Center for Covenant Fellowship & Accountability for Churches, Ministry Organizations and Pastors
  • Revivals To Strengthen Believers
  • Mentoring Pastors and Ministry Leaders

Training Conferences and Seminars such as:

  • Living the Character of Christ
  • The Forgiveness Factor
  • Say What: Your Words are Powerful
  • Living NEW: A Key to Revival
  • Gatekeepers


You'll see how our work will help your church begin to function with renewed purpose and vision. They will once again have an impact on the local community. Then, churches and individuals will both start to see outwardly the way Christ sees, instead of inwardly where there is a singular survival mentality. By adopting a life of never-ending worship, all will be able to bask in the glory of our Lord.